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Candidate Donations (previous elections)

Below are links to the expense forms of the 2017 candidates who ran in the 2013 election and in the 2015 by-election. They highlight total amounts spent, who contributed and how money was spent in each campaign. Sadly, the legal requirement is that these forms only have to be submitted by March 1st after an October general election (or 120 days after a by-election).  In both cases, this is long after the campaign is over.

Some candidates choose to run totally self-funded campaigns.  Others only take donations from those who have no intention of making applications to the County during their term.  Others take donations from individuals and corporations who have clear vested interests in upcoming Council and/or administration decisions.


When candidates come to your door, you should ask them who funds their campaign and whether they are willing to disclose how much they have received to date?  Where candidates are getting their money from says a lot about their priorities.

Jerry Arshinoff - Division 2  - 2013 - self-funded - $3232.72

Jerry Gautreau - Division 5  - 2013 - self-funded less than $10,000

Greg Boehlke - Division 6   - 2013 - self-funded less than $10,000

​Eric Lowther - Division 8   -  2013 -  $29,700  and  By-election 2015 - $25,521

Samanntha Wright - Division 8 - 2015 by-election - $3,412.20 - no developer funding

Bruce Kendall - Division 9  -  2013 - $12,250

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