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Fiscal Responsibility & Transparency -- County Hall

A new County Hall is currently under construction.  No one disputes the fact that the County has outgrown its existing offices.  But, the solution chosen by our Council is highly questionable.  The new County Hall will cost at least $42 million.  To finance this, the County is using five years of provincial infrastructure grant funding.  This funding would otherwise have been available to upgrade Rocky View roads, bridges, recreational facilities, etc.  The County’s general revenues have, therefore, had to be used for necessary expenditures such as roadwork that would otherwise have been paid for by the province.


Councils, the current one and its predecessor, chose to ignore loud opposition from many residents who believed a renovation of the existing building would have been a far more fiscally prudent choice.  They did not even evaluate the option for rebuilding at the County’s existing location, despite the fact that the existing building had been constructed with foundations capable of supporting a building two – three times its current size.

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