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Division 4 - Langdon

Langdon Area Structure Plan

The Langdon ASP, as drafted by County staff, was approved in May 2016 after a controversy-laden public hearing. The 2016 ASP replaced the original Langdon ASP which was last amended in 2005.

The 2016 Langdon ASP expanded the hamlet’s boundaries sufficiently to provides for moderate growth in the hamlet to a population of 13,400 residents over the next 10 years. The ASP was based on strong support from the community gleaned over a year of intensive public engagement. The existing residents made it clear that they supported modest growth, but not excessive growth. Maintaining Langdon’s “small town” feel was a priority.

There was a concerted last-minute push by area developers, led by Al Schule and supported by local Councillor Rolly Ashdown, to more than double the area covered by the ASP and dramatically increase its target population to 33,000 residents. These amendments did not gain sufficient support to move ahead.

The rationale for these amendments was cloaked as storm water management concerns. Everyone knows that storm water management is a real issue in Langdon. However, there is no need for all the land within a regional storm water management system to be covered by one ASP. In fact, the massive expansion of the ASP in the proposed amendments would not have covered all the regional storm water management system’s area. That left one suspicious of the true motivations since key members of the group supporting the amendments own land outside of the approved ASP area, but inside the area covered by the proposed amendments.

Langdon Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Langdon WWTP is the terminus of the east Rocky View water / waste water infrastructure system – see INSERT LINK for details on the overall system.

Unlike the rest of the system, the WWTP had faced significant capacity constraints. In early 2015, Council approved a number of minor modifications that fast-tracked additional capacity. This enabled development approvals in Langdon and elsewhere in east Rocky View to move ahead.

Based on the capacity analysis presented to Council in January 2017, the Langdon WWTP may need further upgrades by 2024 and again by 2031, if growth in east Rocky View meets the very optimistic projections used in the capacity analysis – later if all development approved in existing and forseen ASPs does not materialize. A significant amount of its actual capacity has already been committed to planned, but not yet built, developments. The remaining capacity is being allocated on a first come, first served basis as new development proposals are approved.

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