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Division 3 Elbow Valley - East Springbank

Windhorse Manor

Originally approved for a 55 lot development in 2006, this property was flipped numerous times. With approximately 10 homes completed (most occupied by contractors). Several have been taken to the framing stage but stand like abandoned Saskatchewan prairie grain elevators.


The County has had to intervene to ensure sidewalks are paved and roads are cared for. It is currently in receivership & a visual blight on Springbank. Lots of free flowing water in the ditches that must be removed in winter to prevent flooding of roadways. It will take another decade at current rates of absorption to clear the market.

Springbank Creek

This large development of 90 homes has the potential expansion of another 150. To date, there have been no traffic studies on their impact to existing infrastructure. The proposed waste water management is done through spray irrigation onto local fields. It is unknown if there are any adverse effects on residents in the area at this time.


Little to no consideration was given to how something this massive might influence property of values of existing residents. Combined with Windhorse (less than a kilometer away), this approval virtually ensures that the real estate market in the general area will be saturated for years, possibly decades.

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