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Division 6 Crossfield Area


In 2007, a hamlet development at Kathyrn was vigorously opposed by local residents but approved by the council of the day. Although no development has occurred yet (10 years later) the eventual servicing costs are a future liability for the county. Recently, new high tension power lines were installed right down the middle of the 1 square mile of land that composes the west part of the plan. It seems very unlikely that anyone would build that close to those lines. 

​​Light on services
With such a heavy focus on agriculture in division 6 there there is very little the residents expect from or receive from the county. There is no garbage collection nor provision of sewer and water.  No recreation or public areas are provided or expected. Survey and input workshop sessions consistently point to roads as being the major concern followed by emergency services.



First Parcel Out

The population has increased by 400 since 2006 primarily through homes on quarter sections and first parcel out subdivisions. While it is understandable that farmers and ranchers would want to parcel out for retirement purposes, it causes concern to organizations like Action for Agriculture who believe that fragmented lands create problems for future agricultural operations as residential and farming typically do not mix. While the solution cannot be found on the municipal level, this makes the need to follow policy while allowing first parcelling out paramount.

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