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Rocky View Residents Petition Province for Review of Dysfunctional Council

Sign the Petition
Restore Transparency & Acountability to Rocky View County

Rocky View residents have become increasingly concerned about the out-of-control majority on Rocky View's Council.  The sanctions on Councillors Hanson, Kissel, and Wright were the last straw.  Since their legal challenge against the sanctions keeps getting delayed, residents need to take action now.

A petition is how residents can formally deal with an out-of-control Council between elections.  A petition requires the Minister of Municipal Affairs to inspect the County's operations, identify shortcomings, and demand improvements.  It is also an excellent way to raise awareness within the County regarding the biases of the current Council majority.

What can you do?

  • Sign the petition

  • Spread the word

    • Tell all your friends and neighbours in Rocky View; encourage them to sign the petition


Quick Review - Why We Need A Petition

Council is out of control

The Council majority ignores policy, procedures, and even the law.  They also regularly ignore residents – this is not acceptable.

There is rarely any meaningful discussion during council meetings - the majority have clearly decided how they will vote in advance.  The Reeve arbitrarily shuts off microphones if he doesn't like what he's hearing.


What’s been happening?

  • Sanctioning Councillors Hanson, Kissel, and Wright for doing their jobs

    • Clear abuse of power -- a vindictive move to silence opposing voices

      • Dissenting opinions are essential in a well-functioning government

    • Removes effective representation for over 40% of County residents; erodes quality of representation for all County residents

    • Sanctions blatantly contravene the Municipal Government Act (MGA)

  • Violating the Municipal Government Act.  It provides the rules that municipalities are to operate under – Rocky View ignores the rules

    • Sanctions imposed by Council

      • MGA clearly limits sanctions so they do not impede ability to represent residents​

    • Earlier sanctions on Hanson, Kissel, and Wright imposed by CAO

      •  MGA has no provision that allows the CAO to treat individual councillors differently​

  • Ignoring County policies, procedures, & practices

    • Hiring CAO without following recommended best practices or past County practices

    • Undertaking complete rewrite of the County Plan because majority on Council don't like it - not due to be reviewed for another 5+ years

    • Proposing to change the way the County is governed without meaningful public consultation

    • Awarding contracts contrary to procurement & tendering policies

  • Breaking promises to residents

    • Gravel policy – current council promised to find solution; instead just killed it

    • Voters’ list – in face of demonstrated voter fraud in the 2017 election, council decided to introduce a voters’ list – now the majority reversed this decision

    • Firearms bylaw – promised consultations to fix problems, instead repealed it using approach that contravened the MGA


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