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Sustainable Development

Over the past decade, too much of Rocky View’s development has ignored the basic principle that growth must strengthen our existing communities, not fracture them.  Change is inevitable; however, it must be sustainable and keep the costs of development where they belong – with the developer. 


People live in Rocky View for a reason – most of us share an ideal of a broad, welcoming mix of small communities, country residential properties and agricultural holdings.  Development must be respectful of our existing communities.  We need to focus on orderly development.  Development for development’s sake is foolhardy and benefits no one other than the developers. 


It has been the developers and major landowners who have decided where development in Rocky View should go.  Their choices have been driven by where they happen to own land, not whether the locations make sense for incremental development.  The result has been a hodge-podge of developments many of which are not built out before the developer abandons them or, even worse, goes bankrupt – leaving existing residents to pick up the tab and deal with the resulting fragmentation of their communities.


Rocky View should not attempt to build urban-style developments, like Glenbow Ranch, without urban infrastructure and amenities.  If Rocky View residents wanted to live in urban areas, they would have chosen to do so.  Rocky View should respect this reality.


Our elected representatives spend a significant amount of their time assessing land use applications – both big and small.  Each application should be heard on its own merits and measured against existing policy.  The views and concerns of nearby residents should be carefully taken into consideration to ensure that changes build and strengthen our communities.


Poorly planned developments can ruin our communities and quality of life.  Determining candidates’ views on this issue is critical.

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