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We need change in RVC Council chambers

Little concern has been shown for the needs and welfare of small landowners, and those who still want to maintain an agrarian lifestyle. Government should work for the people they were elected to represent.

It is we who are in the majority who have lost control of our own destiny to powerful vested interests whose sole purpose is to line their pockets with cash conveniently "greased" by a group of political lapdogs.

Development aside, this council's record is strewn with a litany of bad decisions that are going to cost existing taxpayers dearly with little or no benefit.

Council chambers needs a thorough cleanup of the messes that have been created over the past four years. Massive change is required to reverse this self-dealing ineptitude and incompetence.

We all need to participate in this process and I ask you to think hard about exercising your franchise come October to effect change. Encourage your friends and neighbours to do likewise. Property values and our existing quality of life are in serious jeopardy if a similar slate holding like persuasions wins the day this October.

Citizens of Rocky View deserve a council that demonstrates impartiality and strong business acumen, which will produce fair and well-reasoned decisions. We have to take action on this together.

Heading into the summer break, it is important we don't forget the municipal election is a mere four months away.

As this electoral term winds down, we need to recognize this government is very much like a full diaper and a change is badly required. The majority of Rocky View County council has governed with a blatant bias towards interests that represent developers and landowners wanting to "cash out."

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