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Gravel issues continue to frustrate residents

We spent much of the spring working with our sister organization, Rocky View Gravel Watch. The County released a “revised” Aggregate Resource Plan (ARP) in February – the quotations are intentional since Administration ignored almost all of the overwhelming public input and stuck to tidying up glaring inconsistencies in the drafting of the earlier version.

On that front, Administration came back to Council in April asking to carry on with finalizing the ARP, but with a deadline extension until October 2018. The new Council turned down that request and instead asked, not unreasonably, that they be briefed on gravel issues before they are asked to make policy decisions on the issue.

To assist in that educational effort, we also helped Rocky View Gravel Watch present a basic “Gravel 101” to Council’s Policy & Priorities Committee (the full council sitting in a non-decision-making forum).

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