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Springbank Area Structure Plans Review

Administration provided an update on the Springbank ASP review to Council’s Policy & Priorities Committee on December 4, 2018. A copy of the staff report and presentation are here. We have prepared an overview of the PPC presentation, including highlights from the councillors’ questions/comments – available here. The full audio transcript from the PPC meeting is available here.

The key take-aways from the PPC presentation are:

  • The draft land use scenario is largely based on the high-density option presented during consultations, plus the addition of over 6,000 acres on the west side of the ASP – even though 45% of the feedback from the consultations favoured the low-density option and 40% favoured the high-density option.

  • Cluster residential development at 1 upa replaces half the country residential development.

  • Commercial/industrial land use has increased.

  • Population impact is downplayed by transferring the land on the east side of the ASP that borders Calgary into a “future policy area”.

The timelines for the Springbank ASP are:

  • Servicing and transportation technical studies to be completed in early 2019; to be followed by public input;

  • First draft of revised ASP to be released in spring 2019;

  • Public hearing on ASP anticipated for fall 2019.

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