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The Dawn of a New Era

For those of you who haven’t heard – residents were victorious in yesterday’s election. Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 now have solidly resident-focused councillors as their representatives. This is the first time in the last two decades that we can truly say we have a council that can be expected to represent the best interests of the people who really live in Rocky View.

Congratulations to all of Kevin Hanson, Don Kochan, Crystal Kissel, Samanntha Wright, and Sunny Samra. It is too bad that the pro-resident candidates didn’t make a clean sweep of things – but five out of seven is wonderful news.

If you thought the polling stations were busy yesterday, you were right. Voter turnout was almost 30% higher than it had been in 2017. Preliminary results indicate that 11,856 residents voted in yesterday’s election compared to 9,192 in 2017. You can find the detailed results on the County’s website here. Although the results aren’t technically official until the end of the week, the margins of victory are all sizable enough that they are unlikely to be altered by recounts.

The new councillors have a big job ahead of them to put Rocky View back in order, but residents should be able to look forward to a council that keeps residents better informed about what’s going on and listens carefully to what we have to say.

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