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Candidate Information - Who's Running Where

Rocky View Forward has carefully examined the platforms, backgrounds, and records of the candidates in each division and listened to feedback from residents.  Based on that information, Rocky View Forward has decided to endorse the following candidates:


Division 1 - Kevin Hanson                          Division 5 - Ted Francois

Division 2 - Don Kochan                            Division 6 - Sunny Samra

Division 3 - Crystal Kissel                          Division 7 - Alysha Bates

Division 4 - Samanntha Wright


Here's who is running in each division, along with the email addresses for each candidate and links to their websites and/or Facebook pages.  Our assessment of all the candidates is here.


Division 1

Kevin Hanson


Brent Moore


Division 2

Don Kochan


Kim McKylor


Division 3

Jolene Airth


Crystal Kissel


Division 4

Dan Henn


Roc Spence


Samanntha Wright


Division 5

Greg Boehlke

  • no contact information available


Ted Francois

Mark Jette

John McMurray

Division 6

Rolly Ashdown


Jerry Gautreau


Sunny Samra


Jeremy Stinson


Division 7

Al Schule

  • no contact information available

Alysha Bates

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