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Where Candidates Get Their Funding

Where candidates get their money from says a lot about their priorities.  Some candidates run totally self-funded campaigns.  Others choose to take donations only from individuals who have no intention of making applications to the County during their term.  Others take donations from developers and other individuals who have clear vested interests in upcoming Council and/or Administration decisions.


When candidates come to your door, ask them which of these approaches they take to their fundraising.  Also, be sure to ask them if they will be posting information about their campaign donations before the election. 


Links to the expense forms from the 2017 election are provided below for 2021 candidates who ran in the last election.  These expense forms highlight who contributed, how much they contributed, and how money was spent in each campaign.  Sadly, candidates are only legally obliged to disclose this information after the election is long over.  This is why it is important for you to ask candidates where they are getting their money from before you make your choice.

2017 Election Financing Information for Candidates Running in October 2021 Election

In alphabetical order, these are the 2021 candidates who also ran in 2017 and the amounts they spent in 2017:

Greg Boehlke - self-financed

Jerry Gautreau - $11,767 

Kevin Hanson - $2,370 (no developer funding)

Dan Henn - $1,955 (no developer funding)

Crystal Kissel - $7,290 (no developer funding)

Kim McKylor - $15,655 

Al Schule - $6,500 

Samanntha Wright - $5,062 (no developer funding)

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