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Special Council Meetings - February and March

The County has scheduled three special council meetings for key public hearings that were delayed because of Covid restrictions. The notice for these meetings is here. The public hearings are:

· Tuesday, February 2nd

o Lehigh Hanson’s Scott Property gravel pit application

· Tuesday, February 16th

o The proposed new Municipal Development Plan, which will replace the County Plan

o The two revised Springbank Area Structure Plans

· Tuesday, March 2nd

o Mountain Ash’s Summit Pit application

These meetings will all start at 9:00 a.m. and will be livestreamed on the RVC website. They will be in addition to the regularly scheduled council meetings on January 12th and 26th and on February 9th and 23rd.

There are no public hearings scheduled for the January 12th council meeting. The January 26th council meeting will include many of the public hearings that had been scheduled for the December council meetings. The notice for those public hearings can be accessed here.

Formal notices for the public hearings at the special meetings should be released four weeks prior to the hearing dates. Written submissions for each hearing will be due two weeks before the hearing dates. Once those dates have been officially announced, we will send that information out to everyone.

The County has also announced procedures for public participation at these public hearings, all of which will be held electronically. The details of those procedures can be found here – essentially, they provide people with the ability to send in pre-recorded audio or video recordings of the presentations they would otherwise make in person at the public hearings. These must be submitted by noon the day before the public hearing (assuming the deadlines for the January 26th public hearings apply to these electronic public hearings as well). Email submissions may also be sent in during the public hearings.

Content information for each of the special council meetings’ public hearings is available on the RVC website here. The new Municipal Development Plan and the Springbank ASPs have separate webpages that can be accessed from this link. The two gravel pit applications are under the “proposed master site development plan” webpage, also accessed from this link.


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