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Where do you live?

Unsure about which ELECTORAL DIVISION you live in, see the map below. For geographical descriptions scroll down the page. Still unsure? Please refer to the County's detailed map by clicking here.

Division 1 - Bragg Creek - Jumping Pound - Brushy Creek

BOUNDARIES: Division 1 is the southwest corner of Rocky View County. Its west boundary is Kananaskis County and the Municipal District of Bighorn. Its eastern boundary is Division 2 – Range Road 40, two miles east of Highway 22. To the north, Division 1 is bound by the Stoney Nation Reserve and the Town of Cochrane. To the south, are the Tsuu T’ina nation Reserve and the Municipal District of Foothills.

POPULATION:  Division 1 has 2,821 residents. Approximately 450 of them live in the hamlet of Bragg Creek and another 1,500 live in the Greater Bragg Creek area (West Bragg Creek, Wintergreen & South Bragg Creek), which is covered by the Greater Bragg Creek ASP. Most of the remainder of Division 1 is unsubdivided quarter sections where ranching is the main activity. There are also some low-density acreages in the Jumping Pound and Brushy Ridge areas and some country residential properties close to Cochrane.

Division 2 - Springbank

BOUNDARIES:  Division 2’s western boundary is Division 1 – Range Road 40. The Bow River and the City of Calgary form its northern boundary. The Tsuu T’ina Nation Reserve is its southern boundary. To the east, Division 2 abuts Division 3 where the boundary is Range Road 32 south of Township Road 243 (Lower Springbank Road), north of this it jogs east to Range Road 31 until the Division reaches its northern boundary.

POPULATION:  Division 2 has 3,466 residents most of whom live in country residential acreages. There are some remaining agricultural properties on the west side of the Division. Springbank is home to the Springbank Airport and Calaway Park. The mixed-use residential community of Harmony is in the north-west corner of Division 2.  When it is completed it will become home to up to 7,000 new residents. Division 2 currently has three ASPs – the Central Springbank, Northern Springbank and the Moddle ASPs, which are currently under review.

Division 3 - Elbow Valley - East Springbank

BOUNDARIES:  Division 3’s eastern boundary is the City of Calgary, which also forms the bulk of the Division’s northern boundary. The Tsuu T’ina Nation Reserve is Division 3’s southern border. Its western border is Division 2 – Range Road 32 south of Township Road 243 and Range Road 31 from Township Road 243 north to Highway 1.

POPULATION:  Division 3 has 6,539 residents. With the smallest geographic area of all RVC’s divisions, Division 3 is its most densely populated. The majority of its residents live in Elbow Valley, which is covered by the Elbow Valley ASP. The remaining population live on acreages and in country residential communities in the north and west areas of Division 3. Many of these communities identify more closely with those in Springbank than with the more densely populated Elbow Valley community. This can make it somewhat confusing come election time when people need to determine where they should vote.

Division 4 - South East Rocky View - Langdon - Indus - Dalemead

BOUNDARIES: Division 4 encompasses the south-east corner of the County. Its western boundary is the City of Calgary. To its south is the Bow River and the MD of Foothills and to the east is Wheatland County. Division 4’s northern boundary is Division 5 – east along Highway 560 (Glenmore Trail) to Range Road 275 where it jogs north to Highway 1.

POPULATION: Division 4 has 7,089 residents, which makes it the most populous division in the County. The majority of its residents, approximately 5,000, live in Langdon, the County’s largest hamlet. Division 4 also includes Indus and Dalemead, although most of the area in Division 4 outside of Langdon is unsubdivided quarter sections and farmsteads. Division 4 has three ASPs covering Langdon, Indus and Shepard. Weed Lake is in Division 4. It is a 1,500 acre wetland ecosystem that was drained in 1971 but re-established in 2006 and is now a regionally important waterfowl habitat.

Division 5 - Conrich - Janet - Delacour - Dalroy

BOUNDARIES: Division 5’s western boundary is the cities of Calgary and Chestermere. When Chestermere separated from RVC and became its own city, Division 5 was left with “interesting” boundaries. In the same way that Rocky View surrounds Calgary on three sides, Division 5 surrounds Chestermere on three sides. Division 5's southern border is Division 4 – Highway 560 (Glenmore Trail) east to Range Road 275 where it jogs north to Highway 1. Its northern border is Division 6 – Township Road 260 except for a stretch where it jogs north to Township Road 262 (Highway 566) between Range Road 272 and Range Road 284. Division 5’s eastern boundary is Wheatland County.

POPULATION: Division 5 has 4,847 residents, many of whom live in the hamlets of Conrich, Janet, Dalroy and Delacour, each of which has its own ASP. The rest live in various acreage and country residential communities and on unsubdivided quarter sections. Division 5 is home to the CN Logistics Park and is being promoted by the County as an area for further commercial and industrial development.

Division 6 - Surrounding Crossfield - Keoma - Kathryn

BOUNDARIES: Division 6 forms the north-east corner of the County.  Its northern boundary is Mountain View and Kneehill Counties.  Kneehill County also forms Division 6’s eastern boundary. Its southern boundary is Division 5 – Township Rd 260 except for the stretch between Range Rds 272 & 284 where it is further north at Township Rd 262 (HWY 566).  Division 6’s west boundary is Division 7, its route is complex – Range Road 21 south to Township Rd 274 (Airdrie's border), then east to Range Rds 283/284 where it heads south to Township Rd 263 or division 5.

POPULATION: Division 6 is the most rural of Rocky View’s divisions with the second smallest number of residents – 3,082 – but the largest geographical area. Other than the hamlets of Kathryn and Keoma, the communities within Division 6 are stand-alone municipalities (Crossfield, Beiseker and Irricana). Division 6 is largely rural and agricultural, a fact that is reinforced by its lack of area structure plans.

Division 7 - North Central Rocky View - Balzac - Madden

BOUNDARIES: Division 7's north border is Mountain View County. Its west border is Division 9 – Lochend Road (Highway 766). Its southern border is a zigzag, the bulk of which is the City of Calgary.  Division 7’s south-east border is with Division 8 – where it departs from Calgary’s border to run north along Range Road 23 to Township Road 262, then east to Range Road 25, north again to Township Road 263 and then west to Lochend Road. In the south-east, Division 7’s border continues east from Calgary along Township Road 260 until Range Road 284 where it meets Divisions 5 and 6. Its eastern border is Division 6 – north of Airdrie, Range Road 21, east of Airdrie, Range Road 283/284. This leaves the City of Airdrie surrounded on three sides by Division 7 and on one side by Division 6.

POPULATION:  Division 7 has 3,784 residents. As with most of Rocky View’s divisions, Division 7 is predominantly quarter sections used for farming and ranching. Balzac and Madden are the two hamlets in Division 7. The area south of Airdrie and around the QE2 have most of the Division’s country residential properties and includes the Balzac East and Balzac West ASPs.

Division 8 - Bearspaw

BOUNDARIES: The eastern boundary of Division 8 is the City of Calgary – 12 Mile Coulee Road north from the Bow River to Country Hills Boulevard, then Rocky Ridge Road north to Burma Road, then Range Road 23 to just north of Calgary at Township Road 262. Division 8’s northern border is Division 7 – Township Road 262 between Range Road 23 and 25 and then slightly north to Township Road 263 from Range Road 25 to Lochend Road. Lochend Road (Highway 766) is Division 8’s western border with Division 9 and the Bow River is Division 8’s southern border, which separates it from its southern neighbour, Division 2.

POPULATION: Division 8 has 5,652 residents who live predominantly in country residential communities. It is the second smallest division in terms of land mass. Although the area was settled by dairy farmers, there are now only a few working farms remaining in the division. Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is in the southern portion of Division 8. The Bearspaw ASP includes all of Division 8 and a significant fraction of Division 9.

Division 9 - Cochrane Lakes - Bottrell

BOUNDARIES: Division 9 is the north-west corner of the County. Its border to the north is Mountain View County while the MD of Bighorn forms its western boundary. Its eastern border is Division 8 – Lochend Road (Highway 766). From east to west, its southern border is the Bow River, the Town of Cochrane and the Stoney Nation Reserve.

POPULATION: Division 9 has 4,970 residents. The south-east area of Division 9 is predominantly country residential communities, as well as the hamlet of Cochrane Lakes. There are a few other

pockets of small country residential communities elsewhere in the Division, but farming and ranching dominate in most of Division 9. The Bearspaw ASP straddles Divisions 8 and 9. Division 9 also has ASPs for the hamlet of Cochrane Lakes and for Cochrane North.

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